Massive Block Long Deli Opening Monday

Just walked by Cafe R, the new deli on 32nd btw. 6+7th that we told you about back in January, and they’re almost ready to open.  The shelves were stocked already with generic deli things like sancks, candies, drinks, etc. and they will be serving breakfast, coffee, pasta, asian food, wraps (aka pretty generic deli stuff.)  It’s not the Food Gallery 32 we were hoping for but it is massive! The place stretches all the way to 31st street, like Cafe Duke, but times 4.

Check out the football field’ish inside after the jump…

Could be just another typical generic Midtown deli, but with this much space they’re bound to have something worthwhile.  They’re supposed to open on Monday, so we’ll check it out then.  And, early adopters, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.

Cafe R,


  • looking forward to it.

    Be scared Arome Cafe!!

  • Is this the “Too Big To Fail” version of a lunch place?

  • I hate wraps.

  • There better be some hidden gems, b/c it looks like my college cafeteria….

    • yea looks pretty generic. i’m sure the prices will be pretty standard, but even Cafe Duke has some good stuff.

  • When it goes out of business, it’s going to be the world’s largest Capital One.

  • I’ll be there, if only because it’s directly across the street from my building on 31st. They have to have something good–or at least scare what little competition is around here into offering better stuff.

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    I saw some “For Hire”-style signs on the window a few weeks ago written in Korean, so I guess that might be good. I think the Cafe Duke x4 comparisons might be accurate, but I’m by default wary of anything right near Penn. If it’s even just barely passable, this will instantly get all of the commuters like me who avoid Arome Cafe like the plague.

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    Holy crap. It feels even bigger when you go inside. I went at 7 PM yesterday when all of the hot food stalls were closed. Oh, but what stalls there are: Korean, Mexican, Angus Beef & Lamb Burgers, West Indian (!), Seafood (they apparently have steamed lobster, though obviously out of ML range), Pizza…I probably only listed about a third of the stalls, if that. Not sure which ones are actually open and serving food right now, though.

    The prices of the actual lunch items look reasonable, but obviously don’t bother with the many packaged, unpriced food/grocery items (for some reason I ignored this and ended up paying $3.99 for one single ice cream bar).

    All in all, I can’t tell you whether the actual food is good or not (considering I didn’t actually eat anything there), but it needs to be seen to be believed.

  • i have been a couple times. lots of kinks still being worked out. they have had problems with the exhaust, so it was pretty smoky in there.

    ton of options. the lamb kebab platter was meager, but grilled to order.

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