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Cafe Metro’s $1 off Pasta Fridays is still Cafe Metro Pasta

An intrepid ML reader tipped us off about Cafe Metro on 36th and Broadway doing $1 off pasta on Fridays. It’s easy to turn up one’s nose at generic delis so high it achieves escape velocity, but who knows if it’s a must-do? Hell, the tipster noted it was amazing quantity for what you pay. Five toppings for $7.70? Maybe we’re missing something. Maybe it’s worth checking out.  And I was feeling extra confident after Chris H’s positive review of the new Taste of Asia sandwiches. Worst comes to worst,  it’ll just end up being a public service to confirm that it’s still Cafe Metro.

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Cafe Metro’s New ‘Taste of Asia’ Sandwiches Take a Page From the Num Pang Playbook

Cafe Metro Sandwich

I’ve eaten at Cafe Metro exactly three times. Once out of requirement – our admin had ordered a large number of sandwiches for a power lunch working session. Once out of desperation – a need for a greasy breakfast sandwich to fight a nasty Friday morning hangover. And most recently, out of curiosity – based on a helpful tip from John K who let us know that Cafe Metro was now selling “Num Pang style” sandwiches. Funnily enough, at 41st and Lex, the Num Pang and Cafe Metro are about 100 ft apart.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, I’ll give Cafe Metro some credit for at least trying to switch things up a bit and earn some distinction over all of the other generic delis. You may recall the chicken tikka masala sandwich that received mixed reviews, and now they’re continuing with the Asian inspired theme, as enlightened or mis-guided as that may be.
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Def Leppard Ate Lunch at Cafe Metro Yesterday: First Nee-Yo, now this!  Apparently yesterday Def Leppard was in Midtown, performing live at the offices of Rolling Stone, and for lunch they got soup and salads from Cafe Metro. What is it with musicians and Cafe Metro?  There are so many better options in our hood... [via Food is the New Rock]

Metro Has a Chicken Tikka Masala Sandwich?

Metro Chicken Tikka Masala?

Confession time: I haven’t stepped inside a Metro in over 5 years, so long ago that I was working on the West Side. There’s a certain smell that emanates from their stores that turns me off. Then the other day, they managed to pique my interest in an advertisement for their “Sandwich of the Month,” Chicken Tikka Masala. Yes, I’ve probably passed this sign once a day this entire month and am only now noticing it. I’m a fan of DIY Chicken Tikka Masala sandwiches, and wondering if I would be a fan of this. If you’ve tried it, let me know if it’s good enough to break my Metro exile.

Cafe Metro Says No Free Lunch For Citigroup: I don't know what this guy actually overheard, but somebody from Cafe Metro responded in the comments: "We do not have any financial affiliation with Citi Group, We do offer certain customers a discount due to the high employee patronage. There is no free lunch for Citi Group Employees." Is this a subterfuge to keep us from trying to impersonate Citigroup employees? Did anybody try to get a free lunch?

Do Citigroup Employees Get Free Lunch at Cafe Metro?

According to this article, Citigroup employees just have to say the word “Citigroup” to the cashier and their lunch is covered at the Cafe Metro on Lexington and 46th. The author questions whether or not a company that is being bailed out by the Government should be buying lunches for its employees. I’m more interested to know if we could get free lunch by pretending we work for Citigroup.

Cafe Metro!?! Say it Ain’t So Ne-Yo

The best food within walking distance of The London?

Grub Street interviewed the singer Ne-Yo last week and discovered that his favorite place to eat in New York is the Cafe Metro around the corner from The London (on 54th & 7th Ave.) Really? Come on! I was thinking maybe they did something special… but nope. In fact, it’s one of the smaller ones.  But Ne-Yo swears by their “low-carb wheat pasta” adding “I’m not difficult to please.” Clearly.

Looking at the Midtown Lunch Restaurant Map, there does appear to a black hole of nothingness in the area directly around the London- but there is that new daytime location of the Famous Halal Guys street meat cart on the SW corner of 53rd & 7th.