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Rock Center Burger King Closes; Is Victory in Sight?

Rock Center BK closed

It’s been a rough spell for Burger King in midtown. First we had word from lunch’r dbug42 that the Whopper Bar in Times Square was closed then soon thereafter he tipped us off that the Rock Center location was also dunzo.  Could it be that our quest to steer people in Midtown to interesting lunchtime eats could finally be paying off?  I guess it all depends on what’s going to go in that space? Wendy’s fans will be pleased to know that their spot is the last of the hamburger chains with a hold in the RC concourse–McD’s vacated years ago.

At Lunch Now: DOH Shuts Down the BK Whopper Bar

Thanks to Lunch’er Harry for sending along this photo of the currently shuttered BK Whopper Bar in Times Square. I can’t imagine too many who read this site will be crying any tears over this, but if you’re interested DNAinfo has more of the story.

Whopper Bar Opening Tomorrow Afternooon


Sure, sure, there might be something whack in the meat at Burger King. But it’s the King! And they let me have it my way… Even with all the food options that Midtown Lunch uncovers, there’s still times when I just need the guilty taste of fast food. Earlier this month we told you that the Whopper Bar on 40th and 7th Ave. was almost ready to open. I walked by today and there was a guy in the front saying they’ll open tomorrow (7/31) after 3 PM. He was also handing out some free toppings coupons too. My doctor recently cleared me to eat all the artery clogging food that I want, so maybe there’ll be some Whopper Bar in my future. It’s against everything that ML stands for but… I just can’t help it!