Rock Center Burger King Closes; Is Victory in Sight?

Rock Center BK closed

It’s been a rough spell for Burger King in midtown. First we had word from lunch’r dbug42 that the Whopper Bar in Times Square was closed then soon thereafter he tipped us off that the Rock Center location was also dunzo.  Could it be that our quest to steer people in Midtown to interesting lunchtime eats could finally be paying off?  I guess it all depends on what’s going to go in that space? Wendy’s fans will be pleased to know that their spot is the last of the hamburger chains with a hold in the RC concourse–McD’s vacated years ago.


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    There are no interesting lunches around here. Even when something interesting arrives, after you have it a couple of times, it is no longer interesting, just ordinary.

    While BK is not great, it was in my building and was an easy lunch once in a while.

  • i just dont understand how all of the mcdonalds have no problem staying open when there’s literally one every couple blocks, but there are barely any burger kings and they can’t do well.

    • Burger King won’t keep stores open as loss leaders, I guess. There was a mass closing the middle of the last decade, or at least it seemed that way in NYC.

      A better question is why dbug is attuned to the comings and goings of BK…

      To have “interesting” lunches around here by your standards, joestein, it sounds like you need new places to open every couple of weeks.

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    They closed on 2/1

    Duane Reade took over their lease and is expanding its location next door.

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    Burger King also had a location on the north side of 46th Street between 5th and 6th that closed and was demolished to make way for the new Diamond District building there. I can’t understand why the Whopper Bar had to close and there are so many other hamburger joints that remain open.

    I didn’t know there was a McDonald’s in the Concourse — where was it located?

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    McDonalds was in the space now occupied by Food Merchants.

    • Food Merchants has been closed for a while, too. The McD’s was NEXT TO the Food Merchants. McD’s closed first. Now the area is corporate offices.

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        And where exactly is that? I can’t picture where the corporate offices are in the Concourse.

      • technically not in the rock center concourse (where Tri Tip, Potbelly, etc is). It’s a concourse adjacent to it. Located under the UBS & Time buildings (51st btwn 6th & 7th, but much closer to 6th). I don’t know what companies are there, but I know they are offices now.

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    I work in 1251 Ave of Americas and would go to this BK if I were in a rush. Unfortunately, this location was TERRIBLE in terms of speed as their process could be aptly described as a sh*t-show. Makes sense that they closed down.

  • Out of the 3 (BK, McD, Wendy’s) BK was and always will be my favorite. Damn the man, save the empire.

    • Wendy’s is mine. Spicy chicken sandwich is best (completely subjective) non-burger item available.

      • Even haters should admit there is a unique Whopperish flavor you can only get from a Whopper

      • It’s that mix of faint liquid smoke (I can’t imagine the flame-broiling does it) and their special blend of sweeteners that sets its taste apart from McDonald’s and its special blend of sweeteners.

        The Facebook showed me that the fast food experiment is over two years old now — a burger and fries from each of four fast-food places has been sitting out in the open for two years. Thus far, no mold, no bugs.

      • Oh yeah, Wendy’s definitely wins the chicken war (for their spicy chicken). I’m with you, there.

  • I think that BK closed due to mismanagement. The times I went there were long lines but terribly inefficient. They either had too few people working the registers/assembly line or too many people who didn’t do anything.

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    I might lament the closing of some Burger King locations, but not that one. Service was terrible and I felt more ill after easting there than I usually do with fast food.

    Cooked fast-food hamburgers have very low water content and a lot of salt. I’m not surprised that they’d still look intact after sitting out for a year.

    • The last time I went to a BK was that one in Rockefeller Center. Summer of 2010, I think it was, that they did a tie-in with Iron Man or some superhero film, and their signature Whopper was topped with fried onion bits and some other stuff that somehow evoked memories of the superhero.

      Anyway, TL,DR: terrible. I’ll chalk up not feeling well after eating that, to not being used to that food.

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