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Boi Noodles’ Congee Is Not So Authentic, But Still Tasty

Good Vietnamese food is hard to come by in Midtown, and as we’ve mentioned before, Boi Noodles is about what you’d expect from Vietnamese food in the area. That said, I’ve been curious about the very inexpensive congee on the menu for a few weeks now, and yesterday I finally stopped in to see what it’s all about.

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Original Boi to Go Has Closed

Thanks to Lunch’er “Takako” for passing along this one… “The Boi to Go on 2nd between 42nd and 43rd has been closed for a few weeks now. Initially it looked like a temporary closing but now it has a ‘For Lease’ sign on it.” I guess this isn’t a huge surprise since Boi Sandwich (on 3rd btw. 44+45th) is an avenue closer to the heart of Midtown and is serving practically the same menu. Maybe something good will open in its place.

Boi to Go (aka How I Learned to Love the $7.50 Banh Mi)

Boi Noodles is About What You’d Expect For Midtown Vietnamese


Getting good Vietnamese food in New York City is a tough task. Most purists would say you can’t get any good stuff here, while others will proclaim Manhattan doesn’t have it but the outer boroughs does. So, naturally, it’s pretty bleak for those of us here in Midtown. When Boi Noodles announced they were opening on 40th btw. 7+8th, it was exciting news for those of us on the west side of Midtown. From the reviews of Boi to Go and Boi Sandwich on the east side, I kind of knew what to expect- not the best Vietnamese food of all time, but hopefully better than Chicken House (on 36th btw. 7+8th.)

So, how did Boi Noodles stack up to my expectations?

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Your First Look at the Now Open Boi Noodles


When looking for Vietnamese food in Midtown, you kinda have to take what you can get. For those of you hankering for authentic and cheap… the subway to Chinatown is your best bet (and even that is questionable.) If you’ve got to stay in Midtown West, you’re stuck with Chicken House (on 36th btw. 7+8th) and now Boi Noodles– which opened today on 40th btw 7+8th Ave. If you’ve been to Boi Sandwich or Boi To Go (on the east side), you should be prepared for the sticker shock (banh mi sandwiches are $6.89, noodle soups are $7.35, and lunch boxes are in the $7 to $8 dollar range.)

Check out a few pictures of the interior after the jump.

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Menu Revealed: Boi Noodles Opening on Thursday

Boi’s Vietnamese restaurant empire, which already has two banh mi offshoots in Midtown East (Boi to Go and Boi Sandwich), will grow by one this week when Boi Noodles opens on 41st 40th btw. 7+8th.  The new location, which is scheduled to open on Thursday in the old Sophie’s Cuban space, will specialize in pho, but they will also sell sandwiches, wraps, salads, rice bowls, and noodle bowls- just like Boi Sandwich on 3rd Ave- plus Vietnamese coffee and bubble tea.  We’re kind of curious how it will compare to Chicken House (on 36th btw. 7+8th), which added banh mi, bun, and a pretty mediocre pho to their menu last year.

Check out the full menu from Boi Noodles, after the jump…

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More on Boi Noodles: Got a bit more info on Boi Noodles, the pho place set to open on 40th btw. 7+8th. They're shooting for an April opening, and the menu will have pho, bun, sandwiches, and more. In related news Boi Sandwich (on 3rd btw. 44+45th) has added 3 new banh mi to their menu including a smoked duck banh mi (!?) and a traditional "Saigon" banh mi.

Boi Noodles Brings More Vietnamese to Midtown West


Well, it looks like the Chicken House’s title as “only Vietnamese food in Midtown West” is going to be short lived. Boi, the upscale Vietnamese restaurant on 44th St. btw. 1+2nd that owns Boi to Go and Boi Sandwich, has plans to expand to the west side for the first time- opening Boi Noodles on 40th St. btw. 7+8th in the old Sophie’s Cuban space across from the New York Times Building. Presumably the place will focus on pho and bun, but there’s no official word yet except for this notice on their website. If they end up serving banh mi as well, I’ll stick with the Chicken House version, which is better than Boi Sandwich (the secret ingredient is the bread!) As for the pho, it should be fairly simple for Boi to win that battle. No word on when the place will open up, but the scaffolding on that street is gone so maybe they’ll have an easier time. Thanks to Lunch’er Kim for the tip.

Chicken House’s Vietnamese Food is Just Ok… But At Least Their Bread is From Paris Bakery!
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