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Between the Bread is Surprisingly Light on Sandwiches

A new location of Between the Bread opened a few months ago next to Gregory’s Coffee on 40th Street. I never visited the Midtown West location, but Yvo was a fan despite needing an Amazon Local deal to afford it. I didn’t have any deal here either, but I figured I’d see if I could get something filling for remotely near the ML budget.

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Between the Bread – a ML $10 #LunchHack

photo courtesy of Awesome in New York

Have you guys heard of Between the Bread? They serve ‘catering food’ (and also offer catering for office parties/lunches/etc.) at individual prices from a small storefront that is basically a cafeteria counter. The menu rotates regularly – I was there on Friday and entrees were a choice of room-temp options displayed for me – herbed salmon, cajun salmon, shrimp teriyaki, chicken paillard, another chicken dish, and then a hot dish which was “honey mustard glazed chicken with basmati rice” that day. There were also sandwiches in the glass display case, a few soups that seem to change daily, and a lot of side options for your entree.

Unfortunately, the pricing of the entrees range from $11.95 for the meats to $13.95 for seafood, putting them well above the ML $10 ‘limit’.


How I got a seafood entree AND an extra side, all for $10 flat, after the jump…

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