Between the Bread is Surprisingly Light on Sandwiches

A new location of Between the Bread opened a few months ago next to Gregory’s Coffee on 40th Street. I never visited the Midtown West location, but Yvo was a fan despite needing an Amazon Local deal to afford it. I didn’t have any deal here either, but I figured I’d see if I could get something filling for remotely near the ML budget.

Upon entering, I was kind of shocked at how much the place smelled like salmon. I happen to like salmon, but those that are fish-averse might not be able to dine here. Perhaps the smell is done on purpose as an upcharge because I couldn’t resist ordering a salmon sandwich.

Amazingly, the Dakota is only one of four sandwich options. Most of the menu is comprised of entrees and salads with a seasonal and healthy bent. Perhaps I’m wrong in assuming the name Between the Bread is a reference to sandwiches??

I splurged a bit for the half sandwich and soup combo for $10.50. I was impressed that the half sandwich was still a decent size and had quite a bit of herb grilled salmon between the bread. To be honest, that bread – a chewy ciabatta-esque vessel – was the best part of the sandwich.

The salmon, while not overcooked, was completely bland. I asked for some more of the lemon-pepper aioli (which was supposed to come on the sandwich) and the employees told me they were out of it. Might explain why there’s no flavor. But when he gave me a side of honey mustard, that didn’t help much either.

I had the same problem with the chicken noodle soup. It was completely flavorless and needed some basic seasoning. In its defense, there was plenty of chicken and vegetables, although not many noodles.

It looks like the specialty here are customized seasonal salads and bowls. Sandwiches strangely are a bit of an afterthought. Maybe some of the other food is seasoned more properly, but don’t expect any major flavors. There might be some good healthy options here (if that’s your thing), but the price is a little high and while you can get a good quantity of food, you might not actually taste much.

Between the Bread, 20A East 40th Street (bw 5th Ave and Madison Ave), 212-765-1796


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