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Belly Laughs: More Disturbing Cow Cartoons

If you thought the “Bovine Perfection” sign was slightly disturbing, you probably shouldn’t watch this video. Also not recommended for anybody about to eat a Hamburger for lunch. (Highly recommended for those who like animated cows and aliens)

Belly Laughs: Borat on Cinnabon

A deleted scene from Borat. To be enjoyed by Cinnabon lovers and haters alike…

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Belly Laughs: Tad’s Steaks on SNL

Even Saturday Night Live hates Tad’s Steaks.  Amazing.

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Belly Laughs: Girl or Food?

Ever wonder what an enormously fat nerd will do when posed with the option of a lapdance or food? This amazing video solves the mystery. (Giving up a bag of McDonalds isn’t much of a choice. Pink’s Hot Dogs? That’s another story…)

Belly Laughs: Brian Regan on Serving Sizes

Who the hell eats two cookies?

Belly Laughs: Dane Cook and the “BK Lounge”

This week’s food comedy comes from Dane Cook…


Ahhh, the drive thru. Working in Manhattan makes me miss the lunchtime drive thru. (I also love Skid Row.)

Belly Laughs: Dimitri Martin on NYC Pizza

Here is this week’s little bit of food comedy…


Belly Laughs: Dave Chappelle on Chicken and Watermelon

Um… the title of this week’s comedy bit is “Dave Chappelle on Chicken and Watermelon”. Does it need to be said that you don’t want to listen to this full blast in your office?


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Belly Laughs: Jim Gaffigan on Cake (& IHOP)

Who doesn’t like free cake in the office?

Belly Laughs: Ted Alexandro on NYC Fast Food

Time for another piece of food comedy.  This is some funny shit (no pun intended), from Ted Alexandro…




For more Ted Alexandro go to

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