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Super Cheap Places For A Private Lehman Brothers Lunch

With Lehman Brothers on the brink of bankruptcy, even the hot dog stand in front of their office building (on 49th & 7th Avenue) is no fun.  Whispers are overheard, reporters are lurking. Clearly it’s not safe to be lunch’ing in the area. Not at the hot dog stand out front, and certainly not at the normal Lehman Bros hangouts (like Del Frisco’s or Ted’s Montana Steaks.)  So, as a community service to the embattled employees of Lehman Brothers, I’ve compiled a list of places within 2 blocks of the Lehman Brothers building where you will be able to lunch in peace.  With these places there is no chance you’re going to be overheard gossiping about your company in front of anybody who would actually care. Bonus: they’re all under $10.  Which is good, because you guys are probably going to be looking to save some cash right now.  Reporters- please ignore this list, and leave the good people of Lehman Bros alone.

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