Super Cheap Places For A Private Lehman Brothers Lunch

With Lehman Brothers on the brink of bankruptcy, even the hot dog stand in front of their office building (on 49th & 7th Avenue) is no fun.  Whispers are overheard, reporters are lurking. Clearly it’s not safe to be lunch’ing in the area. Not at the hot dog stand out front, and certainly not at the normal Lehman Bros hangouts (like Del Frisco’s or Ted’s Montana Steaks.)  So, as a community service to the embattled employees of Lehman Brothers, I’ve compiled a list of places within 2 blocks of the Lehman Brothers building where you will be able to lunch in peace.  With these places there is no chance you’re going to be overheard gossiping about your company in front of anybody who would actually care. Bonus: they’re all under $10.  Which is good, because you guys are probably going to be looking to save some cash right now.  Reporters- please ignore this list, and leave the good people of Lehman Bros alone.

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  • Jamaican Dutchy Cart (51st & 7th Ave.) – Don’t waste your time at that hot dog cart.  Two blocks away is one of the best carts in Midtown. And you won’t get any trouble from the owner of this cart…
  • Teriyaki Boy (7th Ave. btw. 48+49th) – The Teriyaki Boy on the East side may be inviting, but this one has “suit repellant” written all over it.  The (scary) upstairs dining room may be small and conducive for eavesdropping, but I don’t think you’ll have to worry about any of the customers in this place
  • KFC/Pizza Hut/Dunkin Donuts (50th & 7th Ave.) – See Teriyaki Boy.  (Their upstairs seating area is equally scary, and with the same flourescent lights.)
  • Madeleine “The Crepe Lady” inside the Cyber Cafe (49th btw. 7+8th) - Some of the best brittony style crepes in the city are just a block away, and although Madeleine (the old French lady who makes them) may talk your ear off, it won’t have anything to do with business. (Bonus: It’s located in an internet cafe, so if you want to hop on and see the latest news, it’s right there for you.)
  • Cafe Duke (51st btw. 6+7th) – This deli (with some great Korean food in the back) may be the go to lunch for some Lehman Bros. employees, but it’s such a madhouse it would be practically impossible to eavesdrop on anybody.  (Bonus: Flatscreen TVs will let you stay up to date on the news… although they are usually tuned to sports.)
  • Sapporo (49th btw. 6+7th) – This Japanese ramen house is the perfect place to disappear. Sit at the bar and the only people who will be able to hear you are the cooks (and believe me, they could care less.)
  • Tad’s Steaks (50th & 7th) – Um… no explanation needed for Tad’s to be on this list.


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  • ML, once again, provides an invaluable service to Midtown workers.

    Do any of these establishments have Help Wanted signs in the window?

  • no offense, but if i was a Lehman Brother, the last thing on my mind right now would be reading Midtown Lunch for recs on cheap eats at KFC and Teriyaki Boy. nice sentiment though.

  • All of those suggestions are recycled. Nothing new. Blog is going downhill.

  • *winces*

  • Wait, I thought of a better comment:
    Isn’t what’s happening to the employees punishment enough, you’re suggesting they go to Tad’s? :P

  • Hey thanks for your idiotic input Jen! Go Suck an egg.

  • I’m checking midtown lunch for some good lunch ideas to distract me from the craziness….guess there won’t be any lobster rolls for a while :)

  • Teriyaki Boy rocks! Didn’t know there was one right there on 7th Ave.

  • Maybe some of those hyper-capitalist bond traders and CMO shuckers at Lehman will be opening up carts and taco trucks in Midtown and beyond. Put those old capitalist principles to work with their boots on the ground….Gone is making the big money shuffling papers on the 50th floor

  • Line out the door at Sapporo at 1:15 today — I kind of thought the Lehman people wouldnt be around so maybe it would be less crowded…no such luck.

  • Joyce, sorry to hear about what happened in the last 24 hours (my blackberry was going non-stop from 2pm yesterday till 2am). Take some vacay and look at this as a blessing to take some time off… and to enjoy some downtown, uptown, brooklyn, etc. lunch

  • Any word on whether the Korean dishes are available later in the day? I work nights in the area and want to know how early I have to get there to cash in on awesome Korean food. The Korean food in the back of the bodega on Broadway, just below Houston, often runs out by 3 or 4 pm. Their bi bim bap has gone WAY downhill so I don’t mind missing it.

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