Baked by Melissa Now Has An Entire Store for Gluten Free Cupcakes

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to eat less gluten, you’re in luck. The uber-popular Baked by Melissa cupcake company that has many locations around the city including one on 7th Avenue between 38th and 39th Street has opened a second location right next door. But it’s completely gluten free.

I checked it out and learned that these are the same mini (and I do mean mini) cupcakes that are available next store, but these are made with tapioca and brown rice flour. The price is still an absurd $1 per cupcake – but I will say I’m pleasantly surprised the price hasn’t changed since Blondie reviewed them in 2010 and that they’re not charging more for the gluten free versions. But still, a $1 per mini cupcake (they’re ths size of a quarter) is ridiculous!

I did take one for the team and ordered a few. They were fine – nothing special, but just ok. I’ve had other gluten free treats that have been much better. These are a bit on the dry side, but considering the bite is gone in a second, nothing was too offensive – except the price.

I really only recommend these if gluten will kill you and you absolutely have to have cute little button-sized cupcakes. Otherwise, find your cupcake fix somewhere else.

Baked by Melissa Gluten Free, 526 Seventh Avenue (bw 38th and 39th Street), (212) 842-0220


  • Seems like a waste of space (money).

  • Fred. Just fred….

  • why do people buy their stuff? why oh why oh why????

  • Why would anyone make a resolution to eat less gluten? Either you’re sensitive to it and you avoid it, or else you may as well eat all you want. ‘Gluten-free’ isn’t healthier food; it just leaves out an ingredient that some people have an adverse reaction to.

  • hoff… you’re supposed to start off the new year with a clean slate … doing things right… not sinning

    gluten free quarter sized expensive cupcakes on ML is not how you do that

  • Fred wrote this post–I’m sure of it. He stole Brian’s info….he is f**king with us all b/c he missed FOTW! He clearly thinks it is april fools day and not 1/4—we ain’t fools fred! We see your game for what it is!

  • I have been hanging my head all week over the shame of my late entry, Goats… a funk that no miniscule cupcakes could ever rouse me from

    Hey, is tomorrow Tuesday?

  • Gluten free cupcakes, talk about a Yabba-Dabba-Don’t!

  • Well I, for one, am THRILLED at the existence of places like this. I have a child with celiac, and he has to pass on 99.99% of every baked goody he sees. I’m happy (well, not happy, but willing) to pay a buck a piece for these, because they’re delicious, and they make my boy smile.

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