Free Hot Beverages, Citi Sweet Treats NYC, and the NY Mets

Monday-Friday now through December 21, visit for locations where you can meet Mets players and score a free beverage (and sometimes sweet snacks) (if you show them your Citi card, debit or credit).

Right now, they’re parked outside 399 Park Ave (in front of the Citi branch there) with Dub Pies, Kimchi Taco, Red Hook Lobster Pound and… JOHN FRANCO!! New York City boy through and through.

I’ll be there! Will you?

Keep checking for when they’ll be near you – they’re going to be all over Manhattan including Union Square, Bryant Park, and perhaps farther downtown.


Edit: check out pics from my visit at the trucks, after the jump!

Edited to add:

This very blurry selfie of me and John Franco — I walked by and he was just hanging out, not too many people were there. Someone walking by just snapped a quick shot without asking or trying to take a picture with him, oddly, but I decided to break my rule of not taking pictures with famous people and just went for it. For you guys.

And if you’re curious, Dub Pies, Kimchi Taco and Red Hook Lobster Pound were there. You didn’t have to buy anything – you could just walk up, flash your Citi card, and they would give you the free hot drink. Red Hook had hot cider, Kimchi Taco had hot roasted corn tea (love the authenticity there!), and Dub Pies had Counter Culture coffee. I went to Dub Pies and man, they do NOT have their ordering system down – things just took way longer than should be necessary for a truck – but I had kangaroo pie with “Dub Plate” aka mashed potatoes, mushy peas and gravy on top, and a sausage roll. That sausage roll was really good and though small, pretty filling on its own, $4. The Kangaroo pie wasn’t gamey at all, just very rich and meaty, which is funny – I would have thought ‘roo was lean and tough – but it wasn’t at all. Total spent was $15 though, and that’s outside the budget, I know.

I ate it all :P


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