Biryani Cart’s Chinese Cart Vooter-Adda Returns Today

You may remember back in 2013 when Meru Sikder, the owner and chef of Biryani Cart, pulled up a super cheap Indian fried rice cart next to his original cart. Well, it’s back starting today.


Meru tells me Vooter-Adda will be open every day for lunch on 46th and 6th and they will be serving Desi Chinese food. This was the same concept (and same name) as the restaurant he had for a while out in Jamaica. The menu, which is listed above, is made up of a variety of fried rice dishes and noodles. And best of all, everything costs $5. Let us know your initial reactions in the comments below.

Vooter-Adda, 46th Street and 6th Avenue


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    Darn! Wish I would have read this BEFORE I went to my cafeteria. :P Next time.

    Would love to hear about portion sizing compared to price from anyone who checks it out.


    The “day late and many dollars sort” edition

  • Speaking of Biryani Cart, I was alarmed that they weren’t there at around 2:30 yesterday afternoon, 9/10. I was in the city for the day and had my heart set on it.

    That’s still their regular spot, right? Maybe it was the weather.

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