Biryani Cart Owner Opening a Queens Restaurant This Week

I received some very exciting news this week when Meru, kati roll master and owner of Biryani Cart told me he would be opening his first restaurant this week. My excitement waned only slightly when he told me it would be in Jamaica, Queens. Field trip, anyone?

The restaurant is called Voot-er Adda NY and if all goes according to plan, it will open on Thursday. The menu is a very interesting fusion of Bangladeshi and Chinese cuisine. Meru gave me a copy of the menu and it looks like a perfect Midtown Lunch spot (except for the whole geographical issue) with most dishes well under $10. Some of the wings he was serving at Juicy Wings are featured as appetizers, along with some deliciously described entrees like sizzling chicken katsu, Manchurian fried rice, and Thai style masala beef. The famous kati rolls are offered, along with (surprise, surprise) a $6.95 lunch special.

For now, Meru will still be manning the 46th Street cart during the day and will be at the restaurant in the evening. When I asked the busy chef if he plans on bringing any of these new dishes to Midtown, I got a good-for-now “maybe.”


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