Video Break: Vendy Award Nominee Coney Shack

Last week, we posted a video I made on Rookie of the Year nominee Lil Zeus Lunch Box. This is a series of videos I’ve been releasing that documents all of the nominees for the big event coming up on September 12 (tickets still available here). We thought it’d be cool to feature videos on all the ones that spend some time in Midtown.

This week the focus is Coney Shack, another nominee for the Rookie of the Year category. This truck is the newest of the rookies to Midtown, having pulled up for the first time earlier this summer after getting their feet wet on Coney Island. Their southeast Asian inspired tacos are loaded up with ingredients like 5-spice calamari and garlic glazed pork belly. They go back and forth between Midtown West and East, but for exact locations check out their Twitter feed. Click the link below to check out the video.

Coney Shack


  • Interesting, in the link above, the photo of the menu says 3 tacos for $10. Its now $11. They are regularly on 46th/6th (along with 15 other trucks and carts), and i saw them on 50th/6th yesterday. I must say they do work pretty fast, they were pumping out orders a lot faster than Tuk Tuk boy, which i was waiting for.

  • On an unrelated note, has anyone tried the guys selling jerk chicken on 47th and Park? No cart or truck, just a big barbeque with a trailer hook. Smelled awesome, but the line was very long and didn’t seem to be moving that fast

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    I’ve seen them twice. It looked and smelled good, but I definitely got the sense that they were still working out some logistical kinks. Also, the prices seem a little high, $12 for jerk chicken+rice, $15 for jerk pork+rice. Not sure If I’ll try them any time soon at that price.

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    Just walked by again, they’ve updated their prices: $10 for chicken+rice, $12 for pork+rice, $15 for combo. Still looking a little discombobulated service wise though.

  • well, its Tuesday……

  • not much time left…..


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