Honorary Good Humor Man Keith Hernandez Serving Up Free Ice Cream

Baseball legend Keith Hernandez will be joined by Mr. and Mrs. Met tomorrow at the SNY Plaza on 51st Street between 5th and 6th Avenue to kick off the Good Humor Summer of Joy campaign by giving out free frozen treats. In their mission to bring joy across the neighborhoods of NYC, there will also be chances to win Mets tickets and take Joy Rides in Good Humor Pedicabs.

After today, the Good Humor Joy Squad will roam the city for the next 3 weeks with more free frozen treats and surprises. Check out their twitter @GoodHumor for details, though here is their schedule for the next three days:

Looks like this is the only day this week they’re in Midtown, but… freeloaders, engage!

(PS Hatred and verbal abuse of the Mets will not be tolerated here!)


  • FYI – I just walked over and though the graphic clearly says until 3, they’re done for the day. I don’t mean they ran out – as the Good Humor t-shirt wearing girl laughed at me for asking – yes, she laughed in my face and said none-too-joy-bringing-ly, “Well today we’re only going until 2.” I mean, I can understand running out, but seriously? Laughing at me?

  • Hey I just went by, too, and was about to update that they’re done!

  • No midtown stops this week….

    • Maybe after they were mobbed last week? (I’m not even sure that was the case.)

      I like how I said no hatred/abuse of the Mets will be tolerated so no one comments at all :P

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