Zhá Pan Asian Introduces Vendy-Winning Food to Broadway Bites


Joining the likes of Madison Square Eats and Garment District, Broadway Bites has resurfaced for the early part of the summer. Prices here are also frustratingly high and lines can be long, but there are a few gems among the usual crop of vendors, including last year’s Vendy Award for Best Market Vendor.


Zhá Pan Asian has made a few appearances in Midtown, but this is their first permanent stopover. They became known for their “AsianCini” which are just what they sound like – Italian fried rice balls re-invented to include Asian flavors. But they also have a play on Korean chicken and waffles that is inventive and addicting.


The waffle is inspired by Korean scallion pancakes (pajeon) and is garnished with three deep fried chicken wings slathered with a sticky, sweet soy garlic sauce. Served with miso slaw and some spicy, tangy aioli, it’s a really unique spin on the classic gutbomb dish.


Or you could go with the rice balls. $7 buys you four and the flavors change weekly. Flavors include Thai Green Curry Chicken, Bulgogi, and Chinese Teriyaki.


I got to try the Char-Siu, which featured chunks of honey-glazed pork among the chopped onions and well-seasoned rice. They also offer something called K-poppers (bites of kimchi fried rice, bacon, and scallions) and will begin selling sandwich versions of their rice balls in the coming weeks.

The rice balls are really good and are larger than expected. They might not be enough on their own for the hungriest of lunchers, but it’s certainly worth a try.

This is the only stall I got to try this go-around at Broadway Bites, but I did notice a new chicken nugget stall called The Nugget Spot (presumably connected to the East Village shop) and NOLA Sno (New Orleans-style sno balls). Anyone check them out yet?

Broadway Bites, 33rd and B’way in Greeley Square


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