Bye, Bye Pie Face


Last week DNA Info reported that just about every Pie Face location has shut down in the entire city, including the four in Midtown. They sprouted up like hotcakes over the two years and have now shuttered just as fast with no explanation. There’s no clue on their website as to why they closed (or that they even are indeed closed). But no doubt they expanded too quickly and NY’ers were just not ready for a full-on Australian meat pie chain! The only one still open is just out of bounds on 36th and Ninth.


  • The one closest to my workplace was still a bit of a walk, but when I’d run an errand near there, I did enjoy going there. I thought the spots were open late and once I tried to go to the one near Union Square after 11 p.m. and no dice. Au revoir. Maybe Pie Face can be reborn like Crumbs. It’d be more welcome a return than cupcakes.

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    They were never anything special. My usual conversation when passing a Pie Face went something like the following.

    Me: Check that out, it’s an Australian meat pie chain inexplicably popping up all across NYC.

    Compatriot: Any good?

    Me: Put it this way. Imagine the best meat pie in the entire world. The archetype of a meat pie. Superlative meat pie. Do you really want one? It’s not very good, is it?

    Companion: You are correct.

    Then we would continue walking.

  • I’m not surprised…as much as I love pie, and fully supported the existence of a lunch place to get pie and awesome, strong coffee, they were always run horribly. The locations were all TEENY TINY, with a huge, high counter you had to shout over and have the short person working behind said counter not hear you the first few times. They stopped doing stacked pies with mashed potatoes and peas, and also gave up on having any sandwich or other items. They also only had one single vegetarian savory pie the entire time they existed. The quality, service, and selection declined from when they first opened by Letterman. I’d love for them to have improved, introduced more options, rather than fewer, but I guess they did not have a good plan…

  • Swear to God, had no idea until reading this they were meat pies. Just thought they were one of many generic dessert chains so never paid attention. Seems I didn’t miss anything, anyway.

  • That’s no surprise, though I think they lasted longer than I expected.

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