Sadly, Arirang Has Shuttered

In what is easily the most personally lamentable shutter announcement that I’ve ever posted in ML, I regret to report that beloved K-town mainstay Arirang, has reportedly closed.

During the past decade of eating in K-town, Arirang has been an agent of good times – cheerful and laid back service, cheap soju and fairly priced, awesome food that made the place a bargain whether you’re a lunch time or dinner time punter. I recall drunk dinners and hungover midweek lunches of sujebi, knife cut flecks of dough, swimming in profoundly rich bowls of chicken broth and many glasses of soju. Similar fare is non-existent in NYC – one would have to travel to Queens to get something similar.

I recall being so enamored with this place, that I submitted a hackneyed love letter to Zach, thus sealing my place as a contributor to this site over 4 years ago.

In Korean culture, the provenance of the term ‘Arirang‘ – often used as an unofficial Korean national anthem – denotes certain aspects of hope and optimism. In keeping with this theme, I can only hope that the future proprietor does this space justice.


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