Eggstravaganza Offers Eggstraordinary Options for Lunch


Oh, Eggstravaganza; we knew ye way back when you were still a cart. It’s been a while since we posted about your dishes, so in case you forgot… here’s some of the deliciousness you can find at Eggstravaganza.


One day I saw them tweet about their chorizo salad bowl, and headed over to try that. Unfortunately, they were out of chorizo so instead they gave me a vegetarian salad bowl for $5.


Pretty sizable for $5, though they chopped up fresh jalapenos in there with my salad and I forgot to ask for none or less as I spent my entire lunch hour sweating through the heat of the peppers (yeah yeah yeah I am a spice wuss).

20140820_132614.jpg 20140820_132630.jpg

Another time, I was able to split two of the other options with Dave – my official go-to guy when I need help eating two lunches – first, the Three Amigos wrap, which boasts THREE kinds of meat (thus the name): chicken, steak, chorizo, along with grilled onions, peppers, avocado, American cheese and jalapenos. Pretty hefty – $7.50 and comes with a handful of potato chips. I think I’d be full for the rest of the day if I’d eaten a whole one, but I’d be ready for dinner that night.


We also ordered the Mexican grilled cheese on multigrain bread for $6 – though the menu says chorizo, bacon, tomato and cheese (it’s Land O Lakes; I asked them via Twitter), the flavor of the chorizo comes through much more pronounced and I didn’t see any tomato on my half of the sandwich. Those nitpicks aside, the crispness of the toast and the oozy cheese with the meaty chorizo on the inside is just perfect. I loved the nuttiness of the bread with the creaminess of the cheese – just perfect!

Overall, I don’t think the Eggstravaganza Truck is easy to beat in terms of value and taste. Each dish comes in well under $10, leaving you enough to buy a soda or drink if you want – or even add on a taco and stay under $10 (unless you get the Three Amigos and a skirt steak taco, which will cost you $10.50 combined). Everything I tried was very tasty, well-seasoned, and the woman working the window is suuuuuuuuuper nice. If you haven’t been here yet, you are really missing out.

THE + (what people who like this will say)

  • Quality food for very fair/low prices
  • Friendly service, and you really feel like you’re supporting small business when you go here
  • The Three Amigos!!!

THE – (what people who don’t like this place will say)

  • I want more food
  • I don’t like chorizo
  • Why you stay in one place?

Eggstravaganza Truck – they are generally at the northeast corner of 52nd and Park, but check their Twitter for their location before you head out as they occasionally go elsewhere (mostly private events) or sometimes tweet specials!


  • I don’t know about lunch but I still feel I got ripoff from their expensive and small egg wrap I had a few weeks ago for $5.50. The lady wasn’t so friendly either.

  • I don’t know about breakfast, but I feel like you’re generally going to be unhappy without going to a deli and getting the old “egg-on-a-roll” for $2.

    Lunchwise, I wish they were closer, though with the weather cooperating I’ll trek over. They’re a bit on the slow side, but the line isn’t ridiculous and really, the chorizo anything is a good bet, and cheap.

  • The Mexican Wrap is a winner. Also props to the Three Amigos. The woman behind the counter is very nice. She remembers regulars and works hard with her partner on turning out the dishes.

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    Arturo and Maribel…owners and siblings.

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    While the food was good, I don’t have respect for the people in this cart. I bought a Groupon back when they ran that promotion to try it for the first time. The woman was very friendly to the people before me, but treated me coldly after seeing I had a Groupon. She also overcharged me for a burrito (even when I pointed out the price on the menu) and tacked on an extra $2 for “tax”, which she didn’t ask anyone else for.

  • Love this truck


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    Had the chorize burrito today, which was disappointing. Overly doughy tortilla, a skimpy amount of chorizo and pretty bland.

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