Schnitzi Introduces Us to the Expensive Schnitzel


I don’t know when it happened, but food truck prices have soared. Case in point: a brand new truck hit the streets called Schnitzi. They’re connected to a kosher restaurant in Coney Island. Based on the Brooklyn restaurant’s menu online, the prices on the truck are higher than at the restaurant!!


In fact, the only true ML price point options on the truck are the  burgers and side dishes (forget trying to order them together). Their namesake schnitzels, which are taking the Crisp approach to fried meat (by adding different international flavors), are pushing $13. Once I save up some money, I may take one for the team and give it a try, but I’m not happy about it. Any splurgers out there try the truck yet?

It looks like they’ve been hanging out with the other kosher carts and trucks on Thursdays and Fridays at 46th between 5th and 6th. Check their Twitter feed for exact locations.


  • They can’t be serious with those prices. Does that really say $15 for a salad? A SALAD.

    • If people don’t decide to be taken in by its cynical money grab, this truck can choose to change these ridiculous prices or go away. From what I see around Midtown, though — and talk about Crisp or any other salad place lately — office workers here just have more money than sense.

      • Value is extremely subjective. I think it’s more money than time, really — I know plenty of people who won’t walk an extra block for a cheaper salad that is either equal or better than what they get in our building. (Those people make more than I do, obvs.)

  • The price point doesn’t seem to keep people away as this is always one of the more crowded trucks when I’ve walked by.

  • Prolly a secret menu, a la In-N-Out

    Jewish Schnitzel …. a slice of challah swiped across the greasy grill … $4.99

    Scottish Schnitzel … BSE Mutton, pounded thin …. $4.99

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    The prices here seem especially ridiculous since the Schnitzel and Things truck visits midtown pretty regularly and almost entirely offers items at or under ten dollars.

  • Could it be a kosher thing? That other kosher truck that parks around there is also really expensive.

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    Hi Guys
    I am one of the partners in the Schnitzi truck, just wanted to explain a few things about the meaning of Glatt Kosher Food, first a minor clarification our prices on the truck are the same prices as the brick and mortar restaurants that are in Brooklyn, second you have to understand that while you are paying a certain amount for regular pound of chicken we pay 3 sometimes 4 times more then non Kosher chicken, and in the kosher eating community we are not so expensive, i don’t know if any of you tried our food but we give a foot long baguette that we bake on the spot full with chicken for $12.50 I don’t think that we are expensive even if you don’t eat just Kosher food, but that is up to you guys to decide, i am willing to let you try, just stop by and let us know you came from this specific conversation and pay as much as you can afford for our sandwich, and we will make you a nice schnitzel Sandwich, don’t just write that we introduce an expensive schnitzel, what is inexpensive schnitzel at all, can you find me any other store or a truck that sell foot long sandwiches with the same amount of chicken vegetables and sauces and let me know. guys don’t jump your guns before you tried our food, if you can see all the comments are from folks that didn’t even tried our food and that is not fair from our point of view. have a nice weekend hope to see you all next week for a tryout, i hope we can change your minds

    • Fair enough, but what about the $15 salad? Is there more meat on the salad than the sandwich?

    • Perfectly fair assessment. There are pretty much no Glatt Kosher trucks, basically for all the reasons you describe. If keeping Kosher is important to a person, then I get the point of the truck – and for that matter, your general location most days, as near the diamond district as you can be.

      However, the vast majority of people on this site don’t require a strictly Kosher lunch, so few would pay extra for that. I’m sure you understood that when you decided to go mobile.

  • Grill on Wheels claims they’re Glatt Kosher and their schnitzel is 12 bucks. Schnitzel off?

  • Not on the same topic but I bought an egg wrap from the Egg cart a few weeks ago for breakfast. They had a nerve to charge $5.50 for a small wrap with small amount of fillings. Never again.
    Even Dishes, known for expensive deli food, charges around $4 for an egg wrap made with organic eggs.

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    I’ve actually eaten there somewhere between 3-4 times and loved it. I’ve only tried the spanish schnitzel sandwich but may try some new ones next week. The sandwich IS big, and the chicken is crispy and delicious. I’m not jewish and don’t eat kosher but still thought 12.50 was not THAT ridiculous for midtown (e.g. went to Roast today for lunch and it was also 12.50).

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