Our Lunch Rush Tours Launch Monday Focusing on Street Meat

A few weeks ago, we told you about a unique and exciting new way to get lunch for the next month. We’ve teamed up with Turnstile Tours (who have been running food cart tours for close to 5 years) to offer one hour tours along Park and Sixth Avenue to three different food trucks and carts based around a specific theme. For $29, you receive three generous tastings, learn stories and context about the food cart industry, and help support the Street Vendor Project.

Our first tours begin on Monday and the theme is Street Meat, which we know just a little something about. Monday will be along Park Avenue (in the 50′s), Tuesday will be along Sixth Avenue (in the 40′s), and Wednesday will be in the Financial District. Both Midtown tours will include previous Street Meat Palooza winners and finalists, in addition to some unexpected twists on the usual chicken/lamb over rice (not all the tastings feature these two meats). This is just the first week of tours and the following three weeks will feature different themes and tastings. You could buy a Crash Course to experience them all, which is 4 tours of your choosing, for $89.

All tours start at 1pm and run one hour. Tickets are available until the morning of the tour at turnstiletours.com.


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