FIKA Pops Up Near Bryant Park

As if by magic, a new outpost of FIKA has appeared at 114 W 41st Street (btw 6th and Broadway). Personally, I’ve never heard of this place, but there have been a few Midtown Lunch posts about it in the past. While I’m sure espresso is on the menu, they also offer up a handful of breakfast and lunch options. Interestingly, there are a few sandwiches being sold right at the $10 ML limit. It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed a good Swedish meatball, so I might have to make a return trip. I also snapped a quick photo of the menu, which you can find after the break. Already had the pleasure of trying their meatballs? Let us know in the comments.

FIKA, 114 W 41st Street (btw 6th and Broadway)


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    They’ve also opened a relatively large outpost on Lexington between 52nd and 53rd, with the same menu. They have good pastries and chocolates too.

    • Really!? When the heck did that open? I went to the launch party of the Fika mentioned in this post, and bugged them to tell me about the Lex location’s opening. BAH HUMBUG (thanks for the info)

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    Fine espresso drinks. Much lighter roast than italian espresso, so mellower flavor and a lot more caffeine. They have these swedish chocolate balls that are excellent. Never tried their actual food.


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    Funny fact, Fika in Italian is slang referring to a woman’s genitals; literally “fig”. My Italian friend can’t help but giggle whenever I suggest getting coffee there.

  • Two days, no new content, starting to experience withdrawal symptoms……

    • Two days? How about in the last WEEK+, we’ve got a post about donuts and a post about a place named after Italian vaginas. That’s it. Where is the FOOD?

      • It’s August, and Zach is a commie Euro, so everyone takes the month off.

      • In World War 1, the small Italian alpine village of Canazei was bombarded by German artillery that resulted in a massive avalanche that blockaded all roads to the mountain hamlet. With just enough food stored to feed its residents, the small garrison of the italian army stationed there was nourished solely by the “figs” of the female villagers for almost a month. Thus the village motto “Happiest Place on Earth”.

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    I found their coffee only so so. The cardamom bun was quite good. Waiting for them to bring back the semla. Available in stores next February I’m told.

  • Random note, I hiked through Grand Central to 47th today. Ended up getting a combo from the XPL truck, it was great. Does anyone know if he’s always there?

    • I think so – I know I’ve seen another XPL – but they have a cart on 48th between Park and Madison that I’ve visited randomly.

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