Local Thyme Takes Over the 4Food Location

“Chipotle meets Apple Store” concept, 4Food quietly shuttered about a month ago. In its place, a similarly well intentioned (but potentially misguided) concept called Local Thyme is close to opening. Based on this job posting, the new restaurant seems to be focusing on organic, non-GMO, local ingredients, and will feature sandwiches, salads, smoothies, and the like. You can follow their progress on twitter @LocalThyme


  • Surely to serve all the quinoa and kale that you can get your hands on.

  • That would have been a prime location for a Five Guys.

    This will be another food place that few will eat at. This concept belongs in a tiny space, because they won’t be able to afford the rent. It’s probably the same owners as 4Food. The transition was too quick, and they’re focused on providing food for the un-masses.

  • Over/Under for how long this place will last?

    8 months is my guess.

  • Since there’s no forums, can anyone recommend any street meat in this area?

    • Going through the last Street Meat Palooza post, it seems Trini Paki Boys (SE Corner of 43rd & 6th) is the only thing remotely near there that’s worth trying. Not sure if that’s too far to go for you. I personally have never tried them, but hey, they are the current reigning champs!


  • There was something about 4food that I liked. I’m not sure what.

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    I popped in there recently and don’t think these guys have heard of refrigeration or hot plates…all of the food is just sitting out on the counter in bowls and not being consumed fast enough to avoid spoilage. The Health Department would have a field day there!

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