Jacques Torres Pops Up in Grand Central (Cafe Grumpy Coming Soon)

We got word that a pop-up location of chocolate maker Jacques Torres was opening yesterday in the Lexington Passage of Grand Central Terminal. For whatever reason, the shop had an “opening soon” sign on the door late in the day, but the inside looked ready to go- so we’re assuming they’re open today. The pop-up will be open throughout May, then closed for renovation until August when the space will reopen as a permanent fixture.

But wait, there’s more! 

The fine people of Grand Central understand that coffee goes pretty well with chocolate, and there’s a location of Cafe Grumpy opening across the hall, with an outside entrance at Lex & 43rd. The coffee shop is expected to open the week of May 12, in case you want to divert yourself from the two locations of Starbucks and a Joe Coffee within a one-block radius.

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