Janchi Janchi is Another Option for Korean Fast Food & Buffet

The folks at Kum Gang San are having themselves a busy year. They’ve recently expanded their operations to Rock Center with the opening of New York Kimchi, and now they’ve re-purposed their ground level dining room at their 32nd street location into a fast food / food court / buffet style restaurant called Janchi Janchi (translating to ‘feast’).

The food offerings closely resemble Woorijip – there’s a steam table ($7.99 / lb) that offers cold and hot versions of Korean staples as well as spins on Western fare.  The back wall is lined with refrigerators stocked with drinks, a variety of kimchi and side dishes.

There are also packaged food to grab and go – kimbap, mandoo, and other snacks.

A cramped sushi counter prepares sushi, rolls, as well as hot items such as ramyun and kimchi bokkeumbap (fried rice).

Although we’ve not tried the food – early adopters, please feel free to voice your thoughts in the comments – it’s always nice to have extra options for lunch.

Janchi Janchi (@Kum Gang San), 49 W 32nd St (btw. B’way+5th)

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  • I can’t speak for the food at this location but Janchi Janchi in Flushing has some of the best banchan my Korean expat friends have ever had. If this place is anything like that, this should be good.

    My Google-Fu is weak so I can’t find the names of the dishes I’m about to rec but there’s this one dish of salty crispy seaweed chips (not gim, not miyeok, and I think they’re freeze-dried) and another that’s made with eel and kochujang that are the bomb.

    They also had decent jokbal and soondae.

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