New York Kimchi is Bringing a Bit of K-Town to Rock Center

Kimchi afficionados, you’re in luck! New York Kimchi is moving in to a 7,158 square foot ground floor space at 18 West 48th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues. The Kimchi store, which is owned by the popular Kum Gang San Korean restaurant located on West 32nd Street in Manhattan, will be selling a variety of Kimchi priced anywhere between $6 and $30, including “traditional cabbage Kimchi (whole or sliced), New York (mild) Kimchi, Korean radish Kimchi, Watery Kimchi, Ponytail radish Kimchi, Green cabbage Kimchi and Cucumber Kimchi” as stated on their website. The storefront also plans to offer kimchi making classes at the location, but no word on whether or not they’ll have anything resembling lunch. We can only hope!

New York Kimchi, Coming Soon to 18 West 48th Street (btw. 5th & 6th Avenues)


  • and, if you dont want to be ostracized by your coworkers, i wouldnt recommend bringing this back as part of your lunch.

    • My sister who is in IT works with a lot of Indians who bring curries for lunch. She hates the smell and got so fed up and now she is bringing kimchi for lunch everyday even though she is not a fan of kimchi.

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