Food Trucks Still Bringing Options to Underserved Areas of Midtown


Many food trucks seem to like to travel in packs. Historically, we’ve seen when food vendors congregate together, the customers come. Unfortunately in today’s heavily regulated (and practically illegal) food truck industry, when food trucks band together it doesn’t always work out well (see last year’s shutdown of Vanderbilt and 47th Street). Let’s hope this situation is different.

Luncher Mike wrote in to inform us that the trucks have found a new block to set up on. Any given day about five food trucks or so are set up on Broadway between 55th and 56th Street. It’s a great location since very few restaurants are nearby and this area of Midtown isn’t as saturated with street vendors. When I stopped by on Friday, it looked like the nearby workers have not fully discovered this yet because no line was longer than a few people deep. Let’s all remain calm and orderly and perhaps this street will continue to bring new and exciting food trucks our way…


  • There was a food truck parked on 48th between park and lexington today next to the jerk pan truck that I’ve never seen before called yankee doodle dandy’s. anyone try this truck yet?

  • The same thing is going on at 46th between 5-6th, usually 3-4 trucks minimum.


    Fred, you snooze, you lose

  • *sigh*

    but I was first in line at lunchtime!

  • Even though Moishe’s falafel cart departed 46th after many years on the corner of 6th. I don’t understand it since they were the most popular street food in the area, almost always a line. Not the greatest food imho, but a bargain at $3.75.

    Interestingly today there were two kosher trucks parked there. Many days there is a Lebanese truck too, and there’s no visible hostility between them. In fact, they like being in proximity. So maybe there’s hope for Mideast peace via food.

    • Toum? They’re very good. The long line is a problem for me, though, since it’s already a hike to get there, but love the food they serve.

      I had no idea Moishe’s was gone! I go to Kim’s Aunt and walk by the Moishe’s cart, but they seemed to have steady business.

  • Moshe’s Falafel was on 46th today.

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