Say Goodbye to the Eggstravaganza Cart (and Hello to the Eggstravaganza Truck!)

Arturo and Maribel from Eggstravaganza

The Eggstravaganza Cart is trading up to a truck and it should be hitting the streets this week. Owner, Arturo Macedo, told me that he’s looking forward to expanding his menu in the larger space. The truck is currently being wrapped though it may be on the streets as a generic looking white truck today. Arturo is planning some giveaways (free food!) for the grand opening, which will hopefully be as soon as Wednesday, alas, isn’t going to happen for a few more days now, we’ll keep you posted with any details as we get them! As of now the plan is to remain in their regular spot on the northeast corner of 52nd and Park. Keep tabs on them via twitter @ETRAVAGANZA.


  • I hope this works out well for them. They are one of my favorite midtown lunch spots – both because the food is excellent (and cheap!), and they are super friendly.

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    I wonder if they let the guys in the Rafiqi’s truck that they share the corner with know that they will be parking a truck right in front of them….also, how will NYC parking enforcement feel about two trucks right on that corner daily?

    I’m hoping they really gave this decision a lot of thought.

    Now to sound negative, but it’s possible that their costs could go up dramatically. Between parking tickets, paying for parking, and being forced to shut down to move locations….then again, maybe it will all work out.

    • those are valid concerns. take the example of Jamaican Dutchy- things kinda went downhill (so at least it seems) once they got the truck. and now they’re not even in NYC anymore!


    The “Eggs-tra freaky” edition

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