Our First Look at Gotham West Market (and First Taste of Court St. Grocers)

Gotham West Market
(and a very hard to photograph sign)

Like we mentioned last week, Gotham West Market (11th Ave btw 44th+45th) is now open for lunch, dinner, and snack business and I hiked over to the end of the world 11th Avenue to check it all out. The market itself feels like a post-modern food court with its glassed-in open air stalls and stainless steel seating open to all, the only break up being an entrance into the Brooklyn Kitchen anchoring the back wall. Oh, and $13 ramen.

Court Street's Italian Combo

I did my lap, checking everyone’s prices, hid my shock at blatant rip-offs (ahem, $13 ramen), and circled back to the one stall that seemed reasonable, Court St. Grocers (those of you who have been and are screaming “Genuine Roadside!” hold on, I’m getting there). Court St. Grocers had what I considered decent: a good array of sandwiches, some a little on the pricey side, but I’m willing to spend $10-$12 if it’s enough food. By that point in the day, their $5 grilled cheese was long gone and I went for the $10 Italian Combo.

Court Street's Italian Combo

The sandwich is mortadella, soppressata, hot coppa, provolone, mozzarella, red onion, arugula, Court St.’s own hoagie spread, and mayo on a Caputo’s seeded club roll. It was enough food, I even took half of the sandwich home for lunch the next day and the bread still had a crisp to it even with the spreads and refrigeration. That’s $10 well spent to me.

El Colmado Huevo al Diablo

My companion decided to try some of the tapas from El Colmado. This is her $3.50 deviled egg (it has smoked bacalao and roasted pepper in it.) But yes, $3.50. That’s an entire dozen of my humane-certified eggs for a half of one. Not sayin’. Just sayin’.

El Colmado Cucurucho de Choclo Frito

She also picked up the crispy hominy for $4, and while we’ll chalk up the little flavor it had to second day openness, she did end up wrapping it up and taking it home for flavor experimenting. Said companion was incredibly happy that the sausage making class at Brooklyn Kitchen comes with sausages to nibble on.

Brooklyn Kitchen Class

That said, yes, this outlet of the Brooklyn Kitchen has classes! (And turkeys this week!) No more rushing out of your office to make a 6:30 class in Greenpoint. You can stay in Manhattan and not have to deal with that dirty borough.

Genuine Roadside

After the sausage class (I need to work on my sausage stuffing technique), I realized Gotham West’s design flaw. In my swing around, I had missed Genuine Roadside (on the 44th Street side). The entrance is a bit walled off making it a little disconnected from the food court aspect, and I don’t know if my eyes didn’t catch that it was there or if my brain thought, “That’s another store. Disregard.”

Genuine Roadside

But if you’re looking for a decent lunch for under $10, this is the place to go. I hear, and the menu can show, that it’s a total burger joint, except for the $12 fish tacos. I considered picking up a burger for “research,” but it might have sent me into the cold meat sweats.

If you’ve hit up Genuine Roadside or any of the other stalls, let us know in the comments!

Gotham West Market, 600 11th Avenue (btw 44+45th). 212-582-7940


  • where can you get quality ramen for less than $13 in Manhattan?

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    Tottto Ramen’s chicken paiten ramen is $9.75, before tax and tip. Hide-chan has ramen options around $10, too. Yuji Ramen has (small) offerings for $8 or $9. They are all in Serious Eats’ list of best ramen in NYC and are all in Manhattan.

    Ivan’s $13 ramen is also exclusive of tax and tip.

  • I’d much enjoy checking out Little Chef, seeing as Saltie is just all kinds of awesome, but Saltie might be closer for me than 11th Ave.

  • that sandwich looks amazing

    • It was amazing. Just big enough to have a bit of each in every bite and the entire thing held up right through the last few bites. Quite possibly one of the best Italian sandwiches I’ve had in my life.

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    Ivan Ramen was quite nice. Considering I made his Classic Shio ramen at home a few days before it was an amazing discovery of flavor in a unique bowl of ramen I’ve not seen in NYC. Looking forward to going back but it seems like it’s already a mad house at the ramen counter.

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    Ivan is satisfying but you’re probably going to want to go with someone else and order 2 ramens and a ricebowl or side.

    Or if you’re me, a ramen and a ricebowl or side for just yourself

  • While it’s not traditional ramen, I think Tabata has some of the best ramen for the money at $9-11.

  • while you can find good ramen for under $13, ive found that a lot of highly rated ramen in the city hovers around the $13 range. ippudo, chuko, totto, etc.

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