Paris Baguette Now Open in Midtown East

The Korean-owned, French-inspired bakery, Paris Baguette, has opened its Midtown East location on Lexington Ave. (at 52nd St.). Actually, according to Serious Eats, it’s been open for a while now. The bakery offers a variety of breads and pastries, as well as sandwiches and beverages. Their dessert and bubble tea offerings are especially good. And as Clay noted, their savory options are not to be ignored either. Let us know if you stop by to try anything.

Paris Baguette, 52nd Street and Lexington Avenue


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    They will be opening a Schnipper’s about a block south from this Paris Baguette on Lex – West side of the street.

  • They’ve had the construction notice and ‘opening soon’ notice up for-freaking-ever. Thought it’d never open.

    TO piggyback Joer’s Schnippers comment, I don’t think this location will be anywhere near as large as the other two that are already open.

    • But it will be the one I go to more often.

      The banh mi truck has been on 52nd/6th once a week now, but I laugh when I see the $8 price tag.

      • Did they ever bring an actual pork banh mi to the truck? Someone mentioned that their bread sucks because it’s on the truck.

      • A fine question. I didn’t look closely enough. I should be excused, since the first item listed was a “vegetarian sandwich” for $8. Jebus.

  • Oh no, they have bubble tea?? that’s a terrible news for someone who works a few blocks from Paris Baguette.

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