Paris Baguette is a Great Place to Beat the Heat

Paris Baguette
Blondie and Clay have shown us a bit of the sweet and savory sides of Paris Baguette, but on a day like today it’s all about their frozen treats.

Kiwi Bubble Smoothie
I recently discovered that they offer bubble smoothies ($4.50). Made with real fruit– unlike the more common “bubble slushes” that tend to be made from syrup–they come in strawberry, kiwi, mango, persimmon, and “tropical.” I went with the kiwi and it was perfectly refreshing and a good choice if you like your smoothie on the less sweet side.

Paris Baguette Shave ice
I noticed some of the other folks there were tucking into the shaved ice. At $11.95, the large size is out of the ML price range, but it’s also basically a bucket of shaved ice and totally shareable–I saw a group of three digging into the one above (forgive the blurriness of the pic, they were nice enough to let me snap their dessert and I didn’t want to keep them waiting long). The smaller cup is the $6.50 portion of the green tea shaved ice.

Paris Baguette smoothie special
And right now they are running a promotion where if you purchase over $10 you can get a coupon for $2 off a shaved ice of 50% off a smoothie.

Paris Baguette, 6 W 32nd St (btw. B’way+5th)


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