Get Free Fries With Any Burger at the Newly Open Graso Grill

Despite the “meh” comments written about Kitto Asian American Eatery already, I was on my way to check the new place out when its downstairs neighbor (and sister restaurant), Graso Grill, was open for its first day of business, just one day after Kitto opened.

Graso Grill serves up a wide variety of burgers and burritos, as well as deli, chicken, steak, and vegetarian sandwiches. Some of the more interesting burgers off the bat include a kimchi burger, mango burger, and the “Peppy Burger” (something along the lines of what you think a pizza burger would be). The Seamless menu prices seem to be $1 off what they are in-store, but as a grand opening in-store special, Graso Grill is giving away free fries with any burger purchase through the end of this week.

Early adopters, let us know what you think of the more “experimental” burgers in the comments.

Graso Grill, 16 E. 48th Street (btw. Madison & 5th), (212) 759-4848

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  • I tried this place today. I got the classic burger. I have a good amount of criticism about Graso. The burger was OK. They really pile on the veggies and it mutes the burger a bit. I also think the burger is either on the lean side, or on the over-cooked side. They asked me how I wanted it, but I think they’re too busy to handle temperatures. The burger and fries were good overall.

    I think their setup is incredibly inefficient. You have to order on one register and pay on another. They take the worst part of ordering and double it. The Five Guys method is more efficient. Order on one line and wait for the food.

    I also think the kitchen was disorganized. Literally too many cooks. Hands going in multiple directions.

    If they work out the kinks I bet they’ll be OK.

    One question I have is whether they are a burger shop that doubles as a generic deli or a generic deli with decent burgers.

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