Mysttik Masaala Opens a Second Cart in Midtown East

The Astoria franchise, Mysttik Masaala, known for their Indian, Tibetan, and Nepalese fare opened their second cart in Midtown East recently on the southeast corner of 54th and Park. The franchise opened their first cart in Manhattan on 44th and 2nd earlier this summer. The cart seems to keep prices at a $7 ceiling (as compared to the 44th Street cart), and we know the momos are a must. If you’ve had a chance to check out the second cart, let us know what you think in the comments!

Mysttik Masaala Cart, Parked on the SE Corner of 54th and Park

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  • I’ve been wanting to try this place since I noticed it popped up around a month ago. I went today. I had the chicken samosa chaat. I am no expert on Indian food, but I thought it was EXCELLENT! It was appropriately spiced. It was on the cool side. There was great texture from the samosa that was smashed in there. They charged me $6.

    If there’s any criticism, it’s that they can use a different container. Other than that, it was well worth the visit and I plan to try more of their stuff.

    This cart is right outside of Dishes and I’ve noticed that it has a number of people standing on line during busy times. I suspect that the locals are starting to find out how good this cart is. Based on what I had today I can say that it’s certainly better than Dishes and their overpriced menu.

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