Lunch’er Brad Reports: Astoria’s Mysttik Masala Has a Cart on 44th

Luncher Brad checked in recently with this tip about a new Indian cart in Midtown East that looks like it’s related to Mysttik Masala in Astoria…

I work on East 44th and we noticed that a new indian cart popped up by the Hallmark on the corner of 44th and 2nd. I know ML likes carts and cheap indian food, so I figured I’d pass this along. My coworker went today and got Chicken Vindaloo and said it was pretty good. It came with rice and lentils. My coworker is Indian, so I trust his opinion. I’m also attaching the menu. It looks like they only do 2 dishes a day: 1 veg and 1 non-veg. He also got a complimentary masala chai with his meal.

Check out the menu after the jump…


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    Tried it today. The chicken vindaloo was good with a decent amount of heat. There could have been another piece or two in the serving, but it was adequate. I just wish they served a piece of naan with the lunch to soak up the remnants at the bottom of the tray. I don’t think they even offer naan to purchase.

  • I’ve tried the Astoria cart. Guy running it was super nice and sugested a pretty unique egg curry which I enjoyed but I wouldn’t go out of my way for. I wish it showed more of a Tibetan/Nepali influence on the menu. From what I can see, it’s just momos so far.

  • Hello, thank you for your comments, we are constantly working on our menus to expand it and to add items and flavors so you are never get bored. We cook our curries fresh from scratch daily and each day there’s a different menu: veg and non-veg curry of the day + extra curry which comes with Basmati or Briyani rice with Daal on top and chick peas or beans of your choice. We also have samosas, chaat, momos and more coming!
    We’ve heard you and we also have ROTI now! Please come check with us. Mention Mysttik Masaala Midtown Lunch and get free can of soda or bottle of water and extra sauce and love! :)

  • Well, we could all use a little more love – especially Cheese

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