Coolhaus is Giving Away Free Sammies Today

Coolhaus Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream SandwichAre you a bad enough dude (or dudette) to brave the literal definition of tourist hell for a free artisanal ice cream sandwich? Gird your loins, put yer guns on, and descend into Times Square as Coolhaus hands out their awesome ice cream sandwiches with edible wrappers today from 12:30-4:30 to promote Tumblr and Advertising Week. Keep an eye on their Twitter feed for specifics They’ll be on 43rd in front of NASDAQ, but expect a line like no line has ever seen before. (Do not miss the dirty mint or Mexican chocolate ice cream, either is worth body-checking an entire Iowa family vacation to get at)


  • If we don’t see the SMP results soon, I’m going to to hog-tie Zach, baste him with extra-virgin olive oil and suspend him from the disco ball at a Frankie Goes To Hollywood reunion concert

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    Got one, thanks so much. Only 5- 6 people when I went (1:10pm).

  • It wasn’t free, but I still have a Shake Shack Cronut Concrete in my freezer. Any takers? :D (The wait was a bit longer than for Coolhaus, btw…)

  • P.S. on the topic of ice cream sammies: it’s that season again for the bestest one I’ve had: a spoonful of TJ Pumpkin Ice Cream between two TJ Triple Ginger Cookies. They’re to die for, and small so you can have just 1 or 2 and not feel guilty, or eat a pile of them and be very, very happy!

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    They did this again today (9/26). Same location, lines still short. I waited about 30 seconds when I walked over at 12:20.

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