Blue Dog Kitchen Sports an Impressive Sandwich Menu

Blue Dog recently opened a new location on West 50th street, and after reading about their wide array of sandwiches in Sarah’s Flatiron post, I was suddenly excited for sandwiches, myself.

The new location has more seating than its flatiron counterpart, but the lunchtime line does still wind around the tables, and much of the space is taken up by people waiting for their food. The vibe, though, is laid back, and if I had more time or worked closer, I would certainly like to eat in. But alas, the luxury of time is not usually on my side, and I took my sandwiches to go.

As we know, there are lots of sandwich options: hot, cold, wraps, gourmet. The G1 is a grilled cheese with caramelized apple on seven grain bread. At $7.85, it’s certainly not inexpensive for what it is.

The apples are more “cooked” than “caramelized” but I supposed a “cooked apple sandwich” doesn’t have the same ring to it. Although it could have been cheesier with more cheddar, I appreciated the salty-sweet pairing with the gorgonzola and apple. But with so many options on the extensive menu, I probably wouldn’t order this one again.

I would reorder the #20 on the gourmet sandwiches menu. It includes turkey, turkey bacon and Havarti cheese on seven grain bread and will run you $8.95.

The B4, or bacon (turkey or regular) egg and cheddar on a croissant ($6.50), is definitely a breakfast sandwich that’ll be hard to beat. I really appreciated that the white cheddar was melted into the folded, omelet-style egg. What an awesome, greasy mess of a sandwich.

With such a sandwich menu so large that it rivals Toasties, Blue Dog Kitchen is a sandwich shop that will likely not bore you.

Blue Dog Kitchen, 308 West 50th Street (btw. 8th and 9th Ave)


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