Toast Monster Updates Menu Again, Adds Tacos and Quesadillas

When Toast Monster first appeared in midtown in late 2012, the menu was limited to about three sandwiches and a handful of French toast options. Since then, prices have changed and new items have been added. So much so, that it seems to me like Toast Monster is still trying to decide exactly what kind of cart it wants to be. Last I visited, the menu looked like this…

Tragically, the steak and potato sandwich I raved about in May now costs a whopping $12. That’s a 50% price increase since my last review… Ouch! However, other sandwiches are still sold at $8, including a new spinach and artichoke sandwich and the chicken pepperoni pizzaiola (which I’ve been meaning to try for months now). You may have also noticed the new $18 lobster tail sandwich – way more money than I want to spend on lunch, but I’m sure it’s awesome. The most recent (and surprising) addition to Toast Monster’s repertoire, though, is the taco and quesadilla menu.

Interestingly, the tacos and quesadillas are the first lunch options here that don’t somehow incorporate giant Texas toast. At $3 per taco and $5 per quesadilla (choice of chicken or steak), it’s already not a bad deal, but the combo caught my eye. For $10, you get two tacos, your choice of any side, and any drink. I ordered one chicken taco, one steak taco, mac and cheese, and a mango lemonade.

Ok, let’s start with the tacos. I was nervous going in that two wouldn’t be enough, but I think these were actually bigger than your average cart taco. There was a generous amount of meat in each one, plus onions, cilantro, and guacamole. They also used two tortillas per taco, melded together with a layer of melty, shredded cheese.

The meat was pretty fantastic and not overcooked or burnt in any way. Both the chicken and steak were plenty juicy and perfectly enjoyable. This is the same steak meat that’s used in the steak and potato sandwich, so if you’ve had that before, you know what to expect. The ingredients were evenly spread throughout the tacos and just the right amount of guacamole was used, so nothing was overpowered or underrepresented. At no point did I pretend this was an authentic Mexican meal, but it was totally great for what it was.

Obviously, mac and cheese is an atypical side dish to tacos, but if you’re looking to max out your bang for your buck, it’s clearly the way to go. Other sides include home fries, potato chips, and some dessert-like items. This is the same stuff they use on the mac and cheese sandwich, so I knew it would be pretty good. It’s served in a decently sized cup and is as gooey and cheesy as I could have hoped. It’s not likely to blow your mind, but it has everything a good mac and cheese should.

The mango lemonade was interesting as well. It was super pulpy, with little fruit bits occasionally clogging the straw. Mango wasn’t the dominant flavor, but it was definitely there, ensuring that this is no ordinary lemonade experience. Ultimately, the drink is probably not something I would have ordered on its own, but it was decidedly refreshing and a welcomed addition to the meal.

Toast Monster’s food has yet to disappoint me, but they still have a few operational kinks to work out. Their largest bag couldn’t hold the tacos and side dish, so I was given two separate bags and a drink, which is actually a lot to carry. Also, with no line in front of me, it was still about a ten minute wait from the moment I ordered to the moment I was handed my food. Really though, these aren’t complaints that would stop me from coming back. The diversity of their menu is quite impressive and I’ve still got plenty to try! Truthfully, Toast Monster is quickly becoming one of my favorite food carts.

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    The steak and potato sandwich is back to $9. Yay!

    I ordered the combo and actually ordered the same items as pictured. The tacos are damn good and the combo is a great deal. With the mac n’ cheese, the meal fills me up, and I’m a big boy.

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