Toast Monster is a Serious Gutbomb!

I’ve been wanting to check out Toast Monster since I first discovered them downtown. When they finally started appearing consistently in Midtown, it was only a matter of time before I had these toasty sandwiches in my mouth.

These were nothing like I had anticipated. With the name Toast Monster, you might think they are similar to Potbelly’s toasted bread sandwiches or with the Asian influence maybe they are similar to Taiwanese sweet toast. But a look at their menu makes it difficult to figure out exactly what these will look like.

Normally I have a tough time making a decision, but the grilled mac and cheese sammich was a no-brainer (Especially with a sloppy joe add-on for $2 extra). Totaling $8, there is no doubt this would be a filling sandwich.

The large sandwich was overloaded with mac and cheese and meat sauce. There was no way I’d be able to pick this monster up and eat it with my hands. I did try, however, and sure enough the ingredients fell out, making it less a sandwich and more a sloppy mess. I also wish the bread had more of a crisp texture, rather than a soft quality. With all the soft textures, there was no crunch, no contrast.

But the flavors were really good (and it was indeed filling!) The mac and cheese was good with lots of stretchy cheesiness, but the sloppy joe sauce was great. It brought the sandwich to life with warming spices like cinnamon and cloves and perhaps a hint of red wine.

If you’re looking for a rich, filling gutbomb to get you through the winter months, this might be just the thing. Toast Monster also offers other sandwiches (or as they call them, sammiches), including a special steak and potatoes special that wasn’t available the day I stopped by. Before the holidays, they were setting up a few days a week on 50th Street btw 6th and 7th. Check their Twitter or the ML Twitter Tracker to find out when they’ll be back.


  • I jumped on the bandwagon early with these guys, and I was rewarded with fairly good lunches. While the mac and cheese alone is pretty bland, especially on white “toast”, that sloppy joe sauce really helps it dramatically. I’ve never seen the other meat options (sausage, steak) not sold-out when ordering, though.

    And the French toast sandwiches (I refuse to spell it that other way) are worth the effort, too – not just for breakfast, either.

  • please be there today, please be there today, please be there today, please be there today, please be there today, please be there today…

  • Gut-bomb worthy? Only with the sloppy joe addition it seems.

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    Gut-bomb is right. I feel ill.

    In a good way though, it was delicious!

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