Qdoba Has Closed All Manhattan Locations!

I’m so sorry to be the bearer of bad news, because I know how much Midtown Lunch readers love Qdoba, but apparently the burrito chain has pulled out of Manhattan entirely. From their Facebook page: “We’re sorry to announce that all of our Qdoba Manhattan locations will close on Thursday, 6/27 at 3 p.m. We’ll still be serving up your favorites at Qdoba locations in Staten Island, Queens and Northern New Jersey. It has been great serving you, and we hope we can share delicious meals with you again in the future. Thank you for your patronage at these restaurants. If you have any questions, please contact Social@Qdoba.com.”

According to The Real Deal, Qdoba had seven locations in Manhattan, four of which were in midtown. Oh well.


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    That makes no sense to close ALL of their locations in Manhattan at once! Were they not profitable???

    I went to the location on 50th St. between 6th and 7th today to find it closed, but I thought it was just that location. Sad news — can’t get quesadillas at Chipotle! Any recommendations for a non-cart option for quesadillas in Midtown?

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    I wrote to Qdoba asking why the restaurants were closed and received this very quick response:

    “After a comprehensive analysis of our restaurants and markets, we’ve decided to close locations in several markets. This decision enables us to optimize our operations resources to support restaurants in the rest of our system as well as future locations that we plan to develop. We appreciate your business and feel honored to have been able to serve you at our Manhattan locations. I hope that you will continue to visit us at our locations in Staten Island, Queens and Northern New Jersey.”

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    you can get a quesadilla at chipotle – it’s officially part of the “kids” menu, but anyone can get.

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    Baja Fresh has pretty tasty quesadillas

  • Qdoba is a franchisor. Given the sudden decision, it is likely that one owner ran all 4 locations and there is some sort of dispute between Qdoba and the franchisee.

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      The first one or two Manhattan locations Qdoba opened were franchise units. They closed and then corporate opened the 7 that just closed.

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    Not sure where you are in midtown but Cafe 37 makes a decent quesadilla. My co-worker get’s it at least once a week. 47 W 37th St. btw 5th and 6th. It’s one of my go to places in the area.

  • After I learned about the Quesarrito, I can’t order anything else at Chipotle. Not that it’s “authentic” anything, mind you.

    La Montanita (“The Coffee Place”) makes very good burritos, quesadillas, tortas, tacos, and platters from a tiny little cart on 40th street near 8th ave; it’s very cheap (I think 5.50 for a burrito) and the portions are very generous.

    Granted, it’s not a chain (yet!), but maybe that’s why the food is a little more ‘authentic’ than anything you’d find at Qdoba or Baja. A great deal all around.

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    Thanks for all the suggestions. Looking forward to trying them next week.

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