Lunch Links (The “Vegetarian Ramen” Edition)

Photo courtesy of Serious Eats New York

  • The vegetarian ramen at Menchanko Tei is satisfying [SENY]
  • Gyro Express makes some pretty decent street meat [Food in Mouth]
  • The $19 all you can eat buffet at Ichi Umi is just ok [Tasty Eating]
  • Churrascaria chain Fogo de Chao is coming to Midtown [Grub Street]
  • The original SoupMan is getting a fleet a food trucks [Gothamist]
  • 9th Street Espresso is the only great coffee shop in Midtown!? [Eater]


  • No Happy Hour post?

  • Unless that yellow circle in the middle is a vegetable-based faux egg yolk, that ain’t no vegetarian ramen.

    • Really? I thought vegetarian meant no actual animals. I mean, vegetarians eat waffles and cake, right?

      • True vegetarians don’t eat eggs. Eggs are animal products. Some vegetarians DO eat eggs and dairy, but they generally refer to themselves as “ovo-lacto vegetarians”.

        You can certainly make cake and waffles without eggs (or dairy for that matter), they’re just not as moist and delicious (in my opinion).

      • I thought that was the difference between vegetarian and vegan. Vegans use no animal products, vegetarians no animals.

        Where would you draw the line between a vegetarian and a vegan, then?

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