Wafels & Dinges Rolls Out the Bastogne Potato Waffle


With their impending storefront opening some time in the near future, the Wafels & Dinges empire will expand greatly. And they’re not just getting more space. They’re also creating new waffle concoctions for those lucky enough (or young enough) to hang out on Avenue B.¬†Until then, they’re slowly testing out some of the new products on the truck. That means, we get to be their guinea pigs. Lucky us!


The newest creation the waffle geniuses have come up with is De Bastogne Wafel, which comes in two sizes for $3 and $6. It’s shaped similarly to the liege waffle, but the dough also contains grated potatoes and bacon. And I can attest that this savory waffle is worth trying. It’s pretty amazing!


Think potato pancake meets baked potato meets Belgian waffle! It’s topped with sour cream, scallions, and an unusual Belgian fruit spread called sirop de liege. The only thing this baby was missing was some shredded cheddar cheese.


I was a little unsure about the fruit spread at first, thinking it would make the waffle too sweet. But it really helped balance the flavors. It’s a little sticky, sweet, and tart. It’s an unusual flavor combination, but it works with the crispy waffle and the other rich ingredients.

The small waffle was a perfect, filling midday snack, but I imagine the large order would be enough for a balanced meal. And you get all your major food groups here: vegetables, fruit, dairy, bacon, and waffle.

Both trucks usually hit Midtown on Thursdays at Vanderbilt/47th and Sixth/46th, but double check their Twitter feed before you head out.


  • bring this truck to philly!

  • It is a travesty of history that any waffle sporting the name “Bastogne” does not feature “NUTS” as a key ingredient.

    Damn truck would be flying a red white and black flag if that NUTS didn’t happen

    • I was thinking of how to incorporate some sort of joke to a name as iconic as “Bastogne”, but as per usual you take the proverbial cake Wayne. Show off.

      “we salute the rank, not the man.”

      One of the greatest shows to ever get put on TV, and HBO is still crushing it with their current line-up. Addendum, gonna miss James Gandolfini too.

  • Since the twitter tracker seems to still be malfunctioning:

    Kastaar: 46th btw 5th/6th
    Momma truck: 47th/Vanderbilt
    Goesting: Bway/66th
    Bierbeek: Bway/72nd
    Vedette 60th/5th
    Kotmadam: Great Lawn in CP
    Pagadder: Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall Park

    didnt realize they had so many!

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