Get a Sneak Preview of Wafels & Dinges’ Cafe, Set to Open in the Spring

You may have heard rumors floating around that Wafels & Dinges will be opening up a brick and mortar café sometime in the near future. Well, we spoke to waffle master himself Thomas DeGeest, who confirms that the store will be downtown and is targeted to open in the spring of this year. He’s given us some more details, including that the 30-something seat shop will be designed by Belgian architect D+DSAO and will feature lots of neon! On the food side of things, the usual sweet and savory waffles will be on offer in addition to some new menu items, like grab ‘n’ go options, coffee from Brooklyn Roasting Company, and ice cream and shakes (like speculoos and Belgian chocolate).

If you just can’t wait until the spring, the truck will be testing out one of their new menu items today. The “Das Guten Wafel” is similar to the chewy and sweet liege waffle, but cooked with farmer’s ham and Raclette cheese inside and topped with scallions. They’ll only be available today at the Kastaar truck on 32nd and Park from 1-3pm, or while supplies last. Remember, this is a menu item that will only be available in the café, so today could potentially be your only chance to try this savory waffle in Midtown.

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