Lunch Links (The “Al Pastor Torta” Edition)

Photo courtesy of Serious Eats: New York

  • El Rey del Sabor’s al pastor torta is very tasty [SENY]
  • Grammercy Tavern’s chef is totally a Midtown Luncher [SENY]
  • Land of Plenty makes a good mapo tofu and twice cooked pork belly [Food in Mouth]
  • Ron Howard was spotted at Bluth’s Banana Stand! [Gothamist]
  • James Beard nominee Jamie Bissonnette ate at the Jamaican food place in Penn Station and loved it! [Food is the New Rock]

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  • I’m sorry but ERDS’ pastor is NOT like real pastor. For that alone I do not like it. I really wish they (along with many other places) would stop getting my hopes up by calling it Pastor. Just say BBQ Pork!

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