With Love From Brooklyn Gives GCT A Taste of King’s County

A new kiosk has opened in the Gray Bar passageway of Grand Central Station – just outside Beer Table Pantry and Joe’s Coffee. If you ever crave a taste of the artisanal food being produced in King’s County and don’t feel like transferring to the L train, this is the spot for you.

Most of the products at With Love From Brooklyn push the $10 mark and none are a viable lunch option, but there is a wealth of snack and dessert possibilities here. If you’re at all familiar with the outer borough’s food scene, you’ll recognize things like Butter + Love’s moustache cookies, Ovenly’s spicy bacon caramel popcorn, Kings County beef jerky, Nunu’s chocolates, and Early Bird’s granola. Oh, and don’t forget the pickles. Lots and lots of pickles.

With Love From Brooklyn, Grand Central Terminal (in the Graybar Passage)

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