Best $1 Slice Pizza: 2012 Readers’ Poll

It’s time for the 2012 Midtown Lunch Readers’ Poll. Your nominations are in, and between now and the end of the year we’ll be asking all of you to vote for the best Midtown Lunches in a whole range of categories. You can only vote once per category (so choose wisely), and official results will be posted after the new year.

2012: yet another year we couldn’t shake the damn-near-trope phrase “in THIS economy…” Yes, we’re in a financial crisis. Yes, either by mentality or by unfortunate current individual circumstances, we’re out to stretch our money. Without tooting my own horn, the $1 slice of pizza has continued its perseverance as a decent lunch default. It’s not just 2 Bros anymore – we spent some time over the summer doing pizza science to find out where your $1 is best spent on a utility slice. Hell, it even got down to 75 cents for a brief period of time, although the price drop later showed us how they can get so low.

Turnover is the key ingredient but there’s still plenty of variation in the ‘za field for a buck. What do you think, folks? Here’s our nominees for the best $1 slice:

Vote for your favorite after the jump…

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