Salvation Taco is Open For Lunch, And Here’s the Menu

Yesterday Eater broke the news that Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield’s Salvation Taco is now open for lunch in the Pod Hotel (on 39th btw. Lex+3rd). Being big fans of the Spotted Pig and The Breslin we are pretty excited for this team’s first project in Midtown proper, but knowing the prices at most of their restaurants, we were a little concerned that this might not be a Midtown Lunch. That is until we saw the menu…


$3 tacos and under $10 sandwiches from the team behind the Breslin? We’ll take it!  As Eater mentioned they are only open until 5pm for the time being, and the menu above is just for this week.  They plan on adding desserts and more tacos after their soft open, and there will also be a different dinner menu (for those of you who are into the post work meal.)  Anybody been yet?  Let us know what you think in the comments…

Salvation Taco, 145 E. 39th St. (btw. Lex+3rd). 212-865-5800


  • WHOA. Three dollars?!?!?! I am so excited there are not even words.

  • Only three fillings? WTF?

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    Went for lunch yesterday, had the pig’s ears and the lamb tongue torta. The torta was good, nice and lamb-y with crusty bread and (I think?) a black bean spread. Nothing green, no cheese, no chipotles in adobo or any of the usual torta accouterments but still very flavorful if a touch dry. The pig ears were great, crispy, salty with a big chew in the middle.

    Coworker had the skirt steak and lamb breast tacos and enjoyed them. No salsas or anything and about the size you would expect.

    • The size I would expect for three dollars from the Breslin people is about one bite. I’m very suspicious of those prices from these folks. Is it a teaser?

    • So, to confirm, it’s literally just some pieces of meat on a tortilla/naan? No sauces, no toppings? Wow. That is disappointing. Scratch my excitement.

  • Do they do carry out and can you call in to order aheadfor carry out?

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