Old Euro Diner to Become a Bar?

Upon exploring the drama surrounding a possible Vic’s Bagel Bar closure, we noticed its former neighbor, Euro Diner on 3rd Ave. & 36th street, was also closed. No love lost between Euro Diner and Midtown Lunch — we barely even got around to writing up an aside for the place. Upon honing in, we gathered from one of the construction workers that Euro Diner is becoming a bar. But spying on some of the people sitting inside, it looked like they were working on more of a bistro-style menu. This leaves the team wondering what it will become, and if this new potential bar will engulf the space that Vic’s formerly occupied.


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    Because another bar on 3rd Ave is EXACTLY what Murray Hill needs …

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    Notably, Euro Diner and Vic’s Bagel Bar were spaces in different buildings. A new establishment would have to create a passage between the two buildings in order to operate across both spaces.

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