Their New Loyalty Card Isn’t the Only Reason to Return to the Comme Ci Comme Ça Truck

Moroccan food truck Comme Ci Comme Ça has a special place in my heart because it was the first food truck I visited after I started working in midtown and became a Midtown Luncher. When it opened back in 2010, everyone was excited. Chef Samir and his crew consistently received Midtown Lunch write-ups after being nominated for a Vendy Award in 2011, and later that year won Street Meat Palooza 4.

Last week in the Midtown Lunch Twitter Tracker, I noticed Comme Ci Comme Ça was coming to Midtown before a run in Staten Island to give Hurricane Sandy aid, and that they are introducing a new loyalty card. I had been hoping to remind readers about the truck for quite some time, so this was a good opportunity.

Each time I’ve found the truck on the Twitter tracker, it’s been parked at 36th and Broadway. Chef Samir and his colleagues always have smiles on their faces. When I went this time around, they gave me a free Moroccan mint tea while I waited in the chilly weather for my lunch. And while visiting the truck has always been a pleasant experience, and despite the fact I have a slight food nerd crush on Chef Samir, my favorite thing about the truck is its unique take on street food with bold flavors and ingredients.

Not everyone is a fan of strong, pungent flavors, but I certainly am, and Comme Ci Comme Ça fills that craving. For example, the “Chef Samir Sauces” include Spicy Andalusian Sauce with red chili peppers, lemon juice, and olive oil; Green Olive Sauce (my favorite), a mayo-based sauce with lemon, and a Spicy Mint with green chili peppers, mint, and yogurt. A more palatable sauce for sensitive tasters might be the Casablanca sauce, with mayo, lemon juice, olive oil, and a blend of spices. You can order any of these sauces on the side of your meal.

Recently, I’ve tried a handful of dishes. The lush Merguez Sausage Sandwich ($8) is a beautiful package of salty, mildly spicy lamb, tinged red from spices. The roll is big and soft, and it’s kind of like a hot dogs… with two dogs on one bun and sweetly caramelized onions and peppers. I ordered both Spicy Andalusian Sauce and extra olive sauce, and it was great. But if you’re in the mood for merguez, you might head down early. I’ve stopped by when they had already run out.

The $7 Lemon Chicken Brochette is similar in size and ingredients, but with tender chicken cooked in mild spices. Of course, being a lover of any kind of salted meat, I prefer the merguez. But this might be a good option for Lunchers who aren’t into strong flavors.

But what I’d really love to highlight is the most inventive food item I think I’ve tried at a food truck in Midtown thus far: the $4 Beef and Feta cheese cigars. O yum. In the picture, the cigars look a little soggier than they do when you first get them (the phyllo dough didn’t hold up well on the trip back to the office with the spicy sauce) but they were still absolutely delicious.

The dough (what didn’t get soggy) is both greasy and crispy at once, and the meat is juicy and flavorful with hints of green olives and mint. I personally would add a little more feta cheese, but that’s me again with my pungent styles. Mamacita tried the chicken a few years ago, and she enjoyed that variation of the cigar, too.

Now that Comme Ci Comme Ça has loyalty cards, you have a great excuse to try everything on the menu. It appears that twelve visits will get you a free meal. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to try that Moroccan Kofta Cous Cous!

Comme Ci, Comme Ça Truck, check the ML Twitter Tracker for location


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