Flatiron News: Chinese Mirch’s New Baller Lunch Special

Do you have time during your lunch break for a six course meal?? Well, Chinese Mirch has challenged you to try with a new dine-in lunch menu. At $9.99 for vegetarian and chicken dishes (a total of 15 options, including Clay and Jason’s chicken hot garlic and chili cheese gravy from 2010), and $10.99 for seafood and lamb options. It might be worth taking an extended lunch. Don’t ignore the $10.99 options yet either. Chinese Mirch is offering a free meal after you eat seven…amortized over all your meals, all choices are now in budget! What does the six courses consist of? The special includes the soup of the day, appetizer of the day (vegetarian or non-vegetarian), choice of salad or bhel, two hand-rolled steamed or fried momos, choice of entrée, choice of steamed rice and dessert of the day. (I count seven courses if you include the rice. Am I right?) Considering Clay’s meal cost only $5.95 but only included entrée and rice, the new special seems more than generous to me.

If you can’t manage a leisurely six course lunch, don’t despair. Chinese Mirch also has a modified take out lunch box without the salad/bhel and dessert courses for $8.99 for vegetable or chicken, and $9.99 for lamb or seafood. Still very reasonable.

Chinese Mirch, 120 Lexington Avenue at 28th Street, (212) 532-3663

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